Back facial treatment

Back facial treatments include steam, exfoliation, extractions and more advanced treatments such as peels and dermabrasion that target back acne, scarring, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, depigmentation and more.

$ 150 – 60 minutes

What is a Back facial?

The extraction, exfoliation and hydration steps will remove blackheads, oil, dead skin cells and moisturize your skin for softer and healthier skin on your back. Back facials are similar to our Deep Cleansing Facial, except that it is applied to the back – the hardest-to-reach area that is also typically the largest part of the body. That means this Back Facial is a deep cleanse using products that are rich in botanical extracts, along with the use of extractions, hydradermabrasion, or chemical peels.

Skin Benefits

No matter the approach or products used based on your specific needs, you can expect your back’s skin tone, texture, and appearance to be improved with a deep cleansing back facial. Whether you are looking to correct skin conditions such as dryness, oiliness, comedones, aging, or imperfections from acne, or just to maintain the health of the skin on your back, you can be sure your back facial will leave your skin looking and feeling renewed.

  • Back acne
  • Pimples on the back
  • Blackhead on the back
  • Dry skin 
  • Oily skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • PIH
  • Scarring on the back
  • Acne scars
  • Dead cells
  • Dull skin
  • Excess oil

Back facial experience

  1. Meet with an esthetician
  2. Skin consultation
  3. Skin analysis
  4. Treatment selection
  5. Double cleansing
  6. Blackhead removal using a device
  7. Blackhead removal using pore extractor
  8. Moisturising mask
  9. Led light therapy
  10. Skincare recommendation
  11. Aftercare instructions

What to expect from back facials

After your back facial session, you will find healthy, clearer, younger-looking skin on your back, regardless of the personalized approach you receive based on your consultation and skin analysis. In addition, since our estheticians will use massage techniques throughout the treatment, it will also help relax your skin’s nerves and activate your skin glands and metabolism.

A skin consultation for your back

Since everyone’s skin is different, back facials are customized depending on the clients’ needs. This includes the selected products for use and if and which electric or light therapy equipment might be offered. No matter the approach or products used based on your specific needs, you can expect your back’s skin tone, texture, and appearance to be improved with a deep cleansing back facial.

Back facial procedure steps

Your esthetician will begin the back facial, after your consultation, with a pre-cleanse, then a double gel cleanse with relaxing massage movements over your back. The next step is exfoliation, either manually or mechanically, before the esthetician uses ultrasonic tools to improve circulation and collagen production in the back, as well as clear the pores. Then, a back massage.

At this point, your skincare therapist will extract any visible acne or comedones on the back before applying a calming toner. Now comes another massage with serum, oil or cream to prepare the skin for a purifying mask. It will be left on the back for ten minutes under a steamer. Once the mask is removed, a repairing and hydrating serum will be applied to the back before a hydrating moisturizer.

Additional services like chemical peels, light therapy, or electrotherapy might be provided at this point.

After the treatment, your esthetician will ask you about your experience and talk about some of the products that were used. They will recommend to you some products you can use at home to ensure the results of your back facial last as long as possible, and advise on how to use them to keep that post-spa rejuvenation going strong well into your next session.


What are blackheads

Blackheads are skin bumps that are caused by clogged oil in pores or hair follicles. In fact, they can be caused by oily skin, unexfoliated skin and hormonal changes. Furthermore, blackheads are very common and everyone will experience them on the face, scalp, chest or back at one point in their life. The extraction facial not only removes blackheads, but also dead skin cells, sebum and excess oils, preventing more blackheads in the future.

What should I do before a Back facial?

Be honest with your esthetician when they ask you questions during the consultation, especially about the medications you are taking, as well as any skin or health conditions you might have, in general or on your back. And be sure to book your sessions about 4 to 6 weeks apart. At minimum, quarterly.

What should I do after a Back facial?

The immediate effects of a back facial will last between five and seven days. To extend results, follow at-home skincare recommendations provided by your esthetician and keep your skin hydrated. Exfoliate weekly but not immediately. Wait 10 days after your back facial and use a gentle scrub.

Like Deep Cleansing Facials, back facials will include at-home products recommended by your esthetician, as well as follow-up appointments on schedule.

Additionally, please avoid saunas, steam rooms and the gym for the first 24 to 48 hours after your facial. Steam can create broken capillaries, and sweating can irritate your skin. Don’t wax, shave, or do laser hair removal right away. Do not tan since the skin will be susceptible after your back facial. Do not pick at your skin. Do not do any at-home peels or retinoids for about a week.

Remember that redness is normal after a facial, even on the back, and drink a lot of water. Also, moisturize with a gentle cream, use a high SPF sunscreen, and keep a healthy skincare routine.

Back facial contraindications

This treatment is useful and accessible to nearly everyone; all ages, genders, skin types, and complexions. It is especially useful for those who have never had a back facial, as it is an area that is often overlooked. If you have an active rash or a sunburn, you should wait for them to heal before booking your session.

Estheticians may ask clients to rebook their back facial once a skin growth or rash has healed in the case of some skin disorders, such as impetigo, and molluscum contagiosum. Some skin disorders might make certain techniques or treatments limited, such as how clients with keloids should not get treatments that could result in a cut or scratch in the affected area or how clients with nodules should not have suction or exfoliation devices used on them.

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